Graduation Party Idea: Roast a Mallow & Party S’more!

Add S’more fun when you celebrate your grad with a fun way to do dessert! Is there any sweeter way to congratulate your grad than with a S’mores bar!

Try adding the S’mores bar to any party in place of the same ‘ol cake and pies! A S’mores bar would definitely give that little extra to the Walking Taco Bar – another quick and easy way to accommodate your guests!

Party Ideas:

S'mores Bar

Graham Crackers
Chocolate Bars
Graduation Serving Supplies
Bamboo Skewers
Sterno Set (sold in-store only)

Add a fun twist to your table by using a
plastic cauldron to hold the marshmallows. Not only is great for hold marshmallows, reuse it to hold candy at Halloween! After you stuff the cauldron with marshmallows, use 2016 glitter cake picks to add a touch of sparkle by pushing them into random marshmallows.

Smores Platters Place grad treat cups or plates in your grad’s school colors at the beginning of the table to fill with marshmallow(s), graham crackers, and chocolates. Place the chocolate bars and graham crackers on grad cap snack trays so guests can grab and go. Place bamboo skewers into a jar of water, so that guests can roast their own marshmallows over a Sterno and not have to worry about the skewer catching fire. Display your Sterno in a cute wooden box, glass platter, or flower pot with rocks!

Sterno Display For added sweetness, place sprinkles in the small parts of the trays with a scoop. After guests have built their S’mores, they can roll the hot marshmallow in the sprinkles! Another sweet idea is to have milk chocolate or strawberry flavored chocolate in squeeze containers to drizzle on top. Now isn’t that sweet!

Black and White Graduation Card-Stock Multi-Purpose Caddy Place the containers of drizzle, plastic ware or skewers, and napkins into a graduation multi-purpose caddy to keep things clean and tidy! Finish off your table with confetti and fun little marshmallow popups.They make great party favors to take as they leave.
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It’s a graduation party that’s so fun it will make you want S’more!

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