A Quick and Simple Way to Display Styrofoam Halloween Tombstones

Secure your graveyard and cemetery from grave robbers and gusty winds this Halloween with a few easy steps. This will save you from chasing rogue tombstones or spending money trying to find the right tool to make your tombstones stay in place. (Not to mention keeping your Styrofoam tombstones from crumbling to their death.)

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Wally’s DIY: Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns


Are you looking for a fun way to light your trick-or-treat pathway this Halloween? Try this easy Halloween Milk Carton Lantern DIY. Not only is it a perfect Halloween craft to create with kids, it is a great way to use those empty milk jugs!


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The Unforgettable Finding Dory Birthday Party

Finding Dory Invitations

It’s always an adventure with Dory, from helping Marlin find Nemo to finding her own family in the new movie Finding Dory! To help make this an unforgettable adventure for your little Squishy, plan an under the sea party with Dory and her friends! Invite all your friends and family to help Dory find her family with unforgettable Finding Dory party supplies!

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Free Summer Bucket List for Kids

Help your kids fill up their bucket list of summer activities! From going to the zoo to taking a beach vacation – let your children give you different ideas of activities they want to do before the summer break kicks the bucket! What’s on your kiddo’s summer bucket list?

Click the image below for free printable!



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