Summer is So Sweet with Ice Cream Socials


A scoop of chocolate, a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of strawberry, a dollop of whipped cream and a fine chocolate drizzle… Oh, and add sprinkles, while you’re at it! Sounds delicious, right? Nothing is more refreshingly tasty than having an Ice Cream Social with friends and family this summer.

It’s All Good in the Neighborhood

Plan an Ice Cream Social for your neighborhood. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know one another, and to meet new neighbors. If you have a Home Owners Association, this would be perfect for a snack while meeting. It might just cool down the meeting!


Add a little taste of heaven to your next Church event or gathering this summer.  What a wonderful way to welcome new members each month, or to simply socialize with one another. For fun, have members sign up to bring their favorite toppings – you never know what you’re going to get!

You Scream, They Scream, the Children are Screaming for Ice Cream!

Have an ice cream party at your child’s next birthday party or summer party! Most kids love ice cream, especially in the scorching summer months! Keep them cool and sugared up with a wide variety of ice cream flavors and toppings!

Count Your Scoops

When preparing for an Ice Cream Social, you want to make sure that you setup for an easy cleanup! When you have your ice cream party supplies and table in position, cover it with a table cover. It is easy to wipe off any spills, and can be tossed out after the party. Be creative with how you display your ice cream and toppings! For example, put a label on a metal pail with the flavor of ice creams name on it. Pre-scoop your ice cream into the pail for easy serving. Use Mason Jars to hold your toppings. It adds great color to the table with the transparent jars. You can easily add labels to the mason jars, or simply print out a label to put on a popsicle stick to be displayed inside, or to be propped in front, of the jars. Don’t forget your ice cream cups. Use either disposable ice cream cups or plastic cups with plastic spoons for later use. Top your ice cream bar off with Ice Crème Cone Balloons!

Note: If children are going to be present, add a few ice cream cone shooters to the table for fun as ice cream party favor’s, or for a birthday add an ice cream cone piñata.

How to make Ice Crème Cone Balloons

Cut a large sheet of brown paper into a 32-inch circle. Cut the circle into quarters. Fold each quarter into a cone shape and secure with tape. Tie a ribbon onto a balloon, and then thread the ribbon through the cone. Tape the ribbon at the bottom of the cone to keep the balloon in place.



Ice Crème Cone Balloons; How to – from: Food Network Magazine, Kids, April 2014

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A Summer Party Recipe That Will Make You Put a Ring in It!

Put a Ring in It

“If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it!” With our delicious spin on Beyoncé’s anthem, you can put a Ring in It. First, freeze individual rings of orange juice in a mini Bundt pan (fill just halfway) and place in a classic, clear plastic drinking glass or champagne glass with some sparkling wine. It’s a mimosa – only cooler!

Sparkling and Fresh Summer

This chilling mimosa is the perfect summer party drink! Serve them in clear plastic glasses with a brunch or dinner party with the light-cool-refreshing flavors. It’s the perfect touch to the dinner table and guests will want to know how you did it! The oh-so-cute drinks are fabulous for a girl’s night while the husbands are away.

 Bridal Shower Punch

If you’re hosting a bridal shower or wedding shower, the Put a Ring in is a classy drink to serve. If you are expecting a large number of guests – use plastic drinkware for cost savings or a punch bowl. Pour sparkling wine in the punch bowl and add several frozen orange juice rings right before the guest arrive. If you are using freshly squeezed oranges, add small pieces of the orange into the Bundt pan before freezing. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making fresh orange juice, use store bought orange juice with pulp. This will add texture, depth, and color to the mimosas! Make sure to have a ladle so the guest can scoop out the rings and wine on their own. The mimosas are a great bridal shower table centerpiece that will go with any bridal shower décor!

Wedding Day Jitter Getter

It’s your big day and nerves are starting to set in. Before you say “I do” and put a ring on it, put a ring in your nerve calming drink! The Put a Ring in It mimosa is perfect for wedding day jitters! Add something special to the Mimosas by adding chalkboard sticks to the wedding champagne glasses. You can find the chalkboard stickers at a local arts and craft stores. Instead of using regular chalk, use a chalk ink marker for more crisp lettering.  To add a little bling, use engagement ring party favors to put around the stem of the champagne glasses for personalized drinkware! These make great little bridesmaid favors for your bridal party to take home!


Picture and recipe from: Food Network Magazine, April 2014



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Jump into Summer with Chinese Jump Ropes!

Challenge your kids this summer with indoor/outdoor activities that will motivate them to get off the couch and be active! One game that will challenge your kids and work on coordination is the Chinese Jump Rope! This game can either be played with three players, two players and one chair, or one player with two chairs. The Chinese Jump Rope is a great summer party game or picnic party idea for kids to play. It even makes for a cool party favor for goodie bags.

To get started, you will need a Chinese Jump Rope. You can either purchase the ropes already made or you can make your own with an elastic band. The jump ropes usually range 6 – 8 foot. Once you have your Chinese Jump Rope, let the games begin!

To start off, two players face each other and step into the jump rope.  The jump rope will wrap around both of their ankles.  Once the rope is in place, take a few steps backwards until the elastic band is taut.

Next, the third player will stand inside the rope between the two players.

The player jumps, landing with both feet on each side of the Chinese Jump Rope.

The player then jumps back in the middle of both ropes.

Quickly jump with one foot landing in the middle of the rope and one still landing on the outside. Repeat the step but have the foot in the middle land on the outside and have the other land in the middle of the rope.

To make things a little more challenging, have the player jump landing with one foot on the outside of the jump rope and one foot landing on the string of the opposite side.

If that was too easy, have the third player try to land on both strings!

After the first level is completed move the rope to the knees, then waist to make the game more challenging. After the different levels are completed you switch spots with one of the other players.

There are several different jumps and patterns to the Chinese Jump Rope game. Mix up the steps above or even add in more challenging jumps to make the game more interesting. It’s very fun activity for kids to play and push themselves to see how tricky or high their jumps can be! This game is great for day to day fun, cool party ideas, or given as a summer toy in goodie bags!

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Celebrating with Balloons

Pastel BalloonsBalloons can transform any event into the party of the century!  A room or area full of colorfully inflated balloons provides a visual impact and can accent an already attractive location, or transform an ordinary venue into something spectacular.  Using balloons for your celebration is a cost-effective way to decorate and  play games.  See the ideas below for each to use at your next party or rainy day fun!


    • Surprise the gift recipient with a gush of balloons when he or she opens their gift.
    • Tie a balloon bouquet to your mailbox or front porch to help guests find the party easily.
    • Line your driveway with balloons held in the ground by golf tees.
    • Write guests’ names on balloons and tie them to the back of their chairs for a colorful seating arrangement.
    • Create a balloon garland by stringing balloons on crepe paper and hanging on the wall.
    • Want the balloon to hang upside down? Simply place a marble inside before inflating.


BCelebrating with Balloonsalloon Word Scramble:

    • Select a word or phrase with an appropriate level of difficulty for the age of the participants.  Write one letter of a word or one word of a phrase on helium-filled balloons.
    • Attach ribbons and scatter the balloons around the room.
    • Have the participants work as a team to figure out the scrambled word or phrase and put the balloons in the correct order.

Matching Game:

  • Use a portable helium tank  to inflate an even number of balloons and attach a long ribbon to each balloon so that everyone can reach it when it’s released.
  • Choose a picture or word, and use a felt-tipped marker to draw it on the top of 2 balloons. Repeat until every balloon has a picture or word on it and each balloon has a match.
  • Release the balloons indoors so they float up to the ceiling.
  • Have the participants take turns picking 2 balloons at a time, trying to find a match. If a player makes a match, s/he gets to keep the balloons. The player with the most balloons after all the matches have been made is the winner!

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Portable Helium Tanks Make Decorating with Balloons Simple

LUAU BouquetInflate some fun at your next Standard Assortment Latex Balloons 72ctcelebration with portable helium tanks.  Balloon Time’s lightweight, disposable helium filled cylinders are easy to use and are fully recyclable. To help in planning your balloon décor the standard helium tank gives you enough helium to fill the following balloons:

  • 30 – 9” latex balloons
  • 16 – 11” latex balloons
  • 16 – 18” mylar balloons
  • 10 – 20” mylar balloons

Latex balloons should float for five to seven hours and mylar balloons for about four days.  For best results fill latex balloons one to two hours before your event.  Or, to extend the celebration, add Hi-Float to your latex balloons to make them last about two days.

Be sure to recycle your Balloon Time helium tank after use.  Recycling programs can be confirmed by contacting your local solid waste authority for more details.

Have fun and remember:  Balloons Complete the Party!

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Pool Parties: Bring the Beach to your Backyard!

Inflatable Crab Beach Balls for Pool Parties

Pool Parties: Bring the Beach to your Backyard!

Are you miles away from a beach this summer? NoBeach Party Umbrella & Hat worries, you can easily transform your backyard into your own peaceful beachy retreat and invite your friends over for a pool party!

Pool Party Planning Tips:

  • Cover your fence with a beach backdrop scene setter. It easily rolls out and brings the beach into your backyard.
  •  Make sure to have plenty inflatables for the pool! Inflatable animal beach balls add a hint of cuteness and a whole lot of fun. Use inflatable palm trees, whales, or sharks placed throughout the party to bring your theme to life!
  •  Have plenty of beach chairs or beach towels. Decorate with printed umbrellas and beach comber hats and your guests can use them to help protect them from the sun.Inflatable Cooler for Pool Parties
  • It’s not a party without food.  Fish crackers, tropical fresh fruit kebobs, fish bowl gelatin, and shrimp cocktail are all great choices. Serve the snacks from Frisbees lined with plastic plates then guests can take the Frisbees home as a party favor! Remember to keep guests hydrated with an inflatable cooler filled with iced down beverages.
  •   Another fun use for an inflatable cooler is to fill it with sand and sand toys. This will be perfect for the kids and you can even have a sand castle building contest for a pool party game!

Fish Bowl Gelatin Recipe

IngFish Bowl Gelatinredients

  • 1 two-liter bottle lemon-lime soda, flat
  • 4 1/4-ounce packages unflavored gelatin
  • 2 drops blue food coloring
  • 2 ounces gummy fish


  1. Place 1 cup soda in a large bowl. Sprinkle gelatin evenly over soda, and let stand to soften, about 5 minutes.
  2. Place 2 cups soda in a small saucepan over medium heat. Heat until just before a boil. Add the softened gelatin, stirring to dissolve the gelatin completely over the heat, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Add the remaining soda and food coloring, and stir to combine. Pour the liquid into the fish bowl. Using a damp paper towel, carefully remove any bubbles that have formed on the surface. Transfer to the refrigerator to chill overnight.
  3. When ready to serve, use a sharp knife to make vertical slits in the gelatin; insert the fish in a random pattern to make it look as though they are swimming in the bowl. Keep refrigerated until serving. Serve within 6 hours.

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