Create Your Own Halloween Donut Monsters

Sink your fangs into something sweet this All Hallows’ Eve! These fun, festive store-bought donuts make a spook-tacular Halloween breakfast or sweet treat for a Halloween party.


One Dozen Donuts (We used frosted donuts with sprinkles)

Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs  - 12 pairs

Bubblegum Eyeballs – 24 pieces (or white and black decorating gel)

If you are unable to find edible eyeballs then you can easily make them with white and black decorating gel or use eye peeper rings. This adds an additional Trick-or-Treat party favor along with the vampire teeth.


img_1495-edit Creating the Donut Monsters is super quick and easy! Here’s how: Lay your donuts out on a cookie sheet or plater to keep the sprinkle/icing mess from getting on the counter.

Vampire Teeth

img_1498-edit Next, bend the vampire teeth on the creases and press them into the donut hole to make a mouth. Be sure to use a little pressure so they do not slide out.

Spooky Eyes

img_1499-edit After the vampire fangs are placed, it’s time to press on the SPOOKY eyes. If you are using edible eyes that do not have a flat back then add a little bit of icing to the back to keep them from rolling off. If you’re using the eye peeper rings, make a slit in your donut with a knife and insert the eyes.

Once your mouthwatering monstrous creations are ready then serve them on festive Halloween plates!

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