Halloween Tablescapes on a Budget

Halloween Tablescapes on a Budget

As Halloween draws near, it’s time for us to revisit the common pain points around the season: overpriced costumes, expensive decor, and most importantly, the logistics of perfecting the optimal Halloween candy route. This holiday is the perfect excuse to go wild with spooky decorations and silly centerpieces that will wow your attendees.

Whether you’re entertaining adult guests, throwing a Halloween Eve celebration for kids, or simply putting on a festive dinner party, Wally’s Party Factory supplies can help you style a fun, spirited table for any occasion. Today we’ll talk about creating an aesthetically pleasing, easily-recreatable Halloween table setting that won’t break the bank.

Step 1: Choose your decor style and colors

For parties and other similar events, stick with colors that are closely associated with the season: black, green, orange, purple, and white. Determine what specific decor style you want to pursue, whether its gruesome and gory or sparkly and whimsical. Whatever your personal design preferences may be, stick with similar decor styles to avoid overwhelming the space and create a seamless, visually-stunning presentation.

Step 2: Select a table cover

You set the tone for the rest of your setting and decor through your selection of a table cover. If you’re looking for a more mature, sophisticated look, we’d recommend something minimalist and neutral, like a black, white, or grey table covering. For our table today, we want to create a more lively, festive atmosphere, so we’ve chosen this clear table cover that’s decorated with black spiderwebs. You can find it here for only $2.97.

If you’d like to up your background decor game even more, we’d suggest layering a matching table runner with similar color and styles that match your original covering. Play around with fabrics, textures, lengths, and sizes. We’ve chosen this black spiderweb table runner, which can be purchased for $10.97.


Step 3: Position your centerpiece(s)

Centerpieces are often considered the most attention-getting and visible feature of a table setting. Although you’d normally seek out practical items that successfully reflect the tone of your setting, Halloween is a great time to get outside your decoration comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with several different pieces and their positions to establish what looks best for your specific table and environment. You can add height and dimension to your tablescape by exploring different combinations of centerpieces, accent items, and candleholders.

Utilizing several long, flat platters or even stacking and layering platters of various sizes can help you achieve this. For our current table setting, we propose situating three platters vertically along the length of your table runner. For a fun, spooky look, place a long, skeleton hands platter ($1.99) and our “Wicked” round platter ($2.49) vertically on each side of this decorative skull plate ($7.99).


Step 4: Finalize place settings

Place settings directly influence the way your guests interact with your tablescape. You can control the formality and feel of any occasion by creating place settings that reflect your intentions for mood and spirit. Enhance your table by selecting plates, napkins and cutlery that set the tone for the interactions that will take place at your event.

While selecting a plate style for your dinner party or casual gathering, think about the types of food you’ll be serving, whether or not your guests will be mobile, and which designs go best with your table covers and/or runner. For our current tablescape, we recommend these bold “Witch Please” plates or this colorful “Pick Your Poison” look , both for $3.97.


When it comes to napkins, focus on something that pairs well with the type of drinkware, cutlery, and plates you’ve previously chosen. We like this “Haunt It” 16-count style for our table aesthetic or this comical “Cheers Witches” napkin set, both $3.97.

Alternatively, we’d suggest these playful, modern Halloween beverage napkins for a more lighthearted, casual mood ($3.47).


Last but not least when it comes to place settings, chose cutlery that suits your table settings, dining style, and the type of food you’re serving. We love this 24-count assorted eye-catching, black glitter cutlery set for only $5.47.

Black Glitter Plastic Cutlery Assortment 24ct


Step 5: Pick the most suitable glassware for your event

Lastly, choose a form of drinkware that’s most appropriate for the type of event and guests you’ll be hosting. Serve wine out of these $2.97 stemless “Drink Up Witches” glasses (avoid cleaning up dropped or broken glass: they’re plastic!) or serve a wide variety of beverages out of these fun skull goblets ($2.50).



With minimal effort and minimal deductions from your annual Halloween budget, you can create a festive, fun-filled table setting for all guests and occasions.

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