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Abilene Residents Get Into the Halloween Spirit featuring Wally’s Party Factory in Big Country


By Ashley Gooden |
Published 10/31 2016

It’s that time of year again, so what do people in Abilene love most about Halloween?

“Going out with family and getting candy and just watching scary movies and being scared and dressing up” said some last minute shoppers at Wally’s Party Factory.

“That Halloween has become a great adult party. I really do. I’ve been here going on 18 years and I have noticed that in those 18 years and I never realized how many adults get into the Halloween spirit,” said store manager Gail Kowalski.

Some say that Halloween’s changed a lot over the years, “We use to could go out and not have to worry and get all of the candy we wanted and it’s different now. I think it’s awesome that the parents and the kids can dress up together and make it a fun family event!” said shopper Sheri Vandiver.

There’s a creepy house on Sayles Blvd. that trick or treaters couldn’t resist.

“Halloween is all about the kids and we do it because we want the kids to come and see all of the decorations and have fun and it always brings back really good childhood memories from going out and trick or treating with my family it’s always nice to pass that tradition on,” said Jason Thompson, the home owner.

Many people had to get a glimpse of the Vasquez house on South 12th street, every year they go all out.

“As a family we got it and set it up, we take it down and stuff and it’s really amazing and I love the way people pass by and they say we love your set up!” and who wouldn’t they’ve got all things Halloween!

He even keeps some of it up year round, so if you pass by, don’t be alarmed.